Jenna Lappi

“But I asked him to put it in me” 



April 28, 1988


jennalappi (at)

Current Location:

Clemson, SC

Current Activity:

History and Political Science Major at Clemson

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Turtle Stats: 

Turtle From:

Fall 2006 - Spring 2008


Geeee-na, Lappi 

Positions Held:

Advertising Manager Fall 2007- Spring 2008

Turtle Memories:

How I got involved with Mock Turtle Soup:

I saw Anthony in a couple shows before I went to Clemson. When I got there I just had to audition!

Favorite game(s):

Half-Life and Chain Murder Mystery 

Least liked game(s):

Animal Olympics and Elimination

Favorite thing to do to get ready for a show:

DANCE! And finish making the slideshow because I always waited until the last minute.

 Most memorable improv moment:

When I found out that a shower repair man can also be called a plumber during a game of Chain Murder Mystery.

Workshop/lesson that impacted me the most:

My most memorable workshop was with Jeff Griggs in Chicago. As soon as he found out I usually played low status characters, he made me play high status characters that shouted for the rest of the workshop.

Claim(s) to fame: 

I was the first to recruit the Newbies as slaves to assemble the posters.

Turtle Wisdom:

You have to lose your Cool Card before you can have fun!