Jason Underwood




February 1, 1981


 jason.underwood (at) fluor.com

Current Location:

Greenville, SC

Current Activity:

Working at Fluor...I know, its friggin exciting. I do nothing these days. I keep up with  friends  thru various forms of communication, email, facebook, letters, messenger birds, mail-donkeys, dolphin fed-ex. I'm working on my solo rap album, I had to leave Andre 3000 behind. I'm also working of getting a better nickname. I'm kicking around 'Juice.'


email updates

Turtle Stats: 

Turtle From:

Fall 2002-Spring 2005


Jason U., Milk Jug, Ranch-O

Turtle Memories:

How I got involved with Mock Turtle Soup:

I saw a random poster in the library.  I was nervous about trying out, but it turned out that there was no 'trying out' instead it was, 'please keep coming.'

I went to a practice and had a blast.

Favorite game(s):

Hesitation, 3 Rooms, Half Life, Boris, Free Form

Least liked game(s):

Shakespeare, ABC Ding

Favorite thing to do to get ready for a show:

Knock over a chair, stretch, NOT eat!

 Most memorable improv moment:  

My first scene I remember doing was with Jason Evans.

I played the game 'VCR' with Erin Jenkins. The suggestion was 'childbirth' and instead of the normal "Erin is the mother and I'm the doctor" thing; I decided to be the baby and Erin became the doctor.  I didn't want to be birthed. Erin did everything she could to get me out. At the end I came out then went back in, but then the scene was rewound and played slowly. In slow motion apparently the baby came out, slapped the doctor, went back in, closed a door, locked it, then turned around and crawled further in.

Doing longforms during the Afterparty with Bryan Buckley,  Ward Thompson, Harrison Brookie, and others.

Workshop/lesson that impacted me the most:

Workshops at DSI Festivals, with the HaveNots, with the Atlanta Blackbox Festivals.

Claim(s) to fame: 

Knocking over chairs in every scene.

The VCR game of a baby being birthed.

One of the Original Nine.

Turtle Wisdom:

Always try and use your 3rd idea from a suggestion.