The Original Nine - 2002

 Top Row(L toR):  Dallas Tate, Justin Scott, Jason Underwood, Jason Evans; Bottom Row(L toR):  Cheryl Swit, Erin Jenkins, Bryan Buckley, Katie Jones, Molly Ball


The JV Team* - 2003

(L toR): Chris Johnson, Kent Brown, P.J. Munson , Kris Simpson, Katie Jones, Devon Beaty, Pete Stone

*Chris Johnson, Devon Beaty, and Pete Stone were the only JV members to stick with the group through the end of the 2003 semester.


The Second Generation 2003-2004

 Top Row(L toR): Mac Mitchell, Jason Underwod, Zach Burroughs, George Kitchens, Dallas Tate, Molly Ball, Justin Scott; Middle Row(L toR):  Cheryl Swit, Katie Jones, Emily Perkins, Erin Jenkins, Laurie Jones; Seated (L to R) Arden Sease, Ward Thompson


The Newbies 2004-2005

 Top Row(L toR): Bryan Buckley, Kim VanNess, Arden Sease, Cheryl Swit, Laurie Jones; Middle Row(L toR):  Justin Scott, Harrison Brookie, Jason Underwood, Brandon Little; Bottom Row (L to R) Ward Thompson, Molly Ball, Erin Jenkins, Zach Burroughs


2005-2006 Season

 Top Row(L toR): Zach Burroughs, Bryan Buckley, Justin Scott, Anthony Goodin, Brandon Little, Harrison Brookie, James Robilotta; Bottom Row(L toR): Laurie Jones, Arden Sease, Meg Pierson, Kim VanNess, Brittany Muller, Emily Perkins, Alyssa Mander

2006-2007 Season

  Top Row(L toR): James Robilotta, Tyler Williams,  Larry Simpson, Brittany Muller,  Anthony Goodin, Dan Freeman, Kim VanNess, Brandon Little, Harrison Brookie, Bryan Buckley; Bottom Row(L toR):   Chris Waggoner, Alyssa Mander, Jenna Lappi,  Meg Pierson, Zach Burroughs

2007-2008 Season


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