Harrison Brookie

"Hut hut hut hut hut hut hut” 



April 8, 1985



Current Location:

Soon to be either Chapel Hill, Raleigh, or Durham NC 

Current Activity:

Soon to be teaching high school and training at Dirty South Improv Theater

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 Turtle Stats: 

Turtle From:

Fall 2004-Spring 2008


“Hey you’re in Turtle Soup Comedy right?”

 Position(s) Held:

Ad Man, Old Man 

Turtle Memories:

How I got involved with Mock Turtle Soup:

Needed participation credit for my Theater 210 class.  By the skin of my teeth (or so I hear) I unexpectedly got into the group and loved it. 

Favorite game(s):

Half life, 185, Blind line, Sign Language Interpreter, Good/Bad/Worst, Beastie Rap, Honk/Ding, Suggestions, Snakes on a Stage, Gravid Water, Two person improv  

Least liked game(s):

Replay Pileup, Three Rules, Entrances and Exits, Shakespeare, Crazy Quest, Slideshow, Four Ways to Die, Death Pendulum, Military Stoicism, Hot Spot

Favorite thing to do to get ready for a show:

Set up (keeps me from thinking) and jump chairs

 Most memorable improv moment:

Bryan and I forced to fill some space at a Nocturnal show.  Two men, one dressed up like knight, at a bar with two women, one dressed up like a caveman.  Improv gold. 

Workshop/lesson that impacted me the most:

Comedy Sportz's Matt Elwell in Chicago.  Gave me my first insight into professional improv in three important ways: 1) improv doesn’t mean unprepared 2) the frame and structure around the improv is almost as important as the performance itself 3) don’t eat a huge burrito and three scoops of ice cream before improvising.

Claim(s) to fame: 

Invented The Yeah but (The Harrison), The Beat Bat, Punch Line, Toast, Clank Smith.  Also only member to be married while in the group. 

Turtle Wisdom:

Don’t be satisfied with simply “college improv”.