Cheryl Swit

"Good morning, sunshine!"


August 26, 1983


cheryl.swit (at)

Current Location:

Washington, DC

Current Activity:

Working as a Speech Therapist

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Turtle Stats: 

Turtle From:

Fall 2002-Spring 2005


Petty Larceny, Swirly, Swizzle, Erin, Molly

Positions Held:

Treasurer/Business Manager, Spring 2003-Spring 2006

Turtle Memories:

How I got involved with Mock Turtle Soup:

Katie and Bryan asked Molly, Erin, and I to get involved.  I only actually showed up because I thought Molly and Erin wanted to do improv.

Favorite game(s):

Ding, Half-life, 3 Rooms, Musical Longform

Least liked game(s):

CAN I BORROW YOUR CAT?, B-Movie, Death Pendulum 

Favorite thing to do to get ready for a show:

Show Us How To Get Down

Sing "I will survive" with the group

 Most memorable improv moment:

Receiving a standing ovation for the first ever Musical Longform

Scene during the Have-Nots workshop with Justin 

Workshop/lesson that impacted me the most:

"Get out of your head"  Jeff Griggs, DSIF Spring 2003

Claim(s) to fame: 

One of the Original Nine

Most likely to send out harassing "reminder" emails.

I started the MTS checking account.  Haha. 

Turtle Wisdom:

Learn to trust - trust the suggestion, trust your teammates, trust the audience,  trust the scene, and most importantly, trust yourself.  Sometimes, that can be all you have.  But really, that is all you ever need.