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"Wassup Turtles?"


The '07-'08 Season marks 5 fantastic years 

of turtle improvisation and antics 

in the Clemson community and beyond...


Here's to the next 5! 

(and counting....) 



Welcome New Turtle Alums:

Charlie Bennett, Harrison Brookie, Bryan Buckley, Anthony Goodin, Patrick Jordan, Jenna Lappi, Alyssa Mander, Brittany Muller and Chris Waggoner




 2008 Graduates - Congrats!!

Harrison Brookie - MS Economics, Clemson

Anthony Goodin - BA  Performing Arts, Clemson

Alyssa Mander - BA English, Clemson

Brittany Muller - BS Biology, Clemson

Meg Pierson - BA History, Clemson

Cheryl Swit - MS Speech-Language Pathology, Vanderbilt

Dallas Tate - MFA Acting, Mississippi State

Kim VanNess - BA Graphic Comm & Theater, Clemson

Engagement Congratulations!!!!!!:

Bryan Buckley and Alyssa Mander

Erin Jenkins and Matt Smith

Marriage Toast!!  Congrats!!!!:

Zach and Brooke Burroughs


Happy Birthday Shout Outs:

Brittany Muller 1/29 

Jason Underwood 2/1

Brandon Little and Emily Perkins 3/12

Harrison Brookie 4/8

Arden Sease Collins 4/17

Alyssa Mander 6/6 

Molly Ball 6/9

Dallas Tate 7/5

Katie Jones 7/7

Erin Jenkins 7/14

James Robilotta 7/19

Kim VanNess 8/13

Justin Scott 8/24

Cheryl Swit 8/26

Meg Pierson 9/8

Jason Evans 9/11

Bryan Buckley 9/22 

Ward Thompson 11/3

Anthony Goodin 11/14

Laurie Jones 11/17

Mac Mitchell 11/25

Zach Burroughs 12/20

Please email news updates or event info!

About this Website

The purpose of this site is to provide a link between all alumni and current turtles of Mock Turtle Soup, Clemson University's improv group.

Any information found here has been provided by alumni or current leaders of the troupe.   Help us keep up-to-date by emailing any announcements, changes, or upcoming events.    Ideas and suggestions are always welcome!  Thanks!  

Mock Turtle......SOUP!