Sketch Artist 2

How Sketches Relate to Solving Crimes
This article is about a sketch helping solve a rape case. The artist claims that the victim or the eye witness does all the work, and they just draw what they are told. The artist also says the best way to keep the eyewitness cooperative is to keep them comfortable and to not come in wearing a gun and badge. This will help me in my role by telling me how sketch artists work with the victims or eye witnesses. During the trial this article will show that sketches are valid pieces of evidence.
How Sketch Artists can be affected by a trial
This article is about a woman who was a sketch artist for a media source. Her job was to attend the trial and then sketch the people and the things that took place during it. This turned out to be a grueling thing for this woman because she had to listen to everything that was said. It changed her making her more afraid, nervous, and she has become afraid to be home alone at nite because she hears things. This article goes to show that even the sketch artist can be affected by a crime, not just the cops who work on solving it.
How Sketch Artists are evolving
There is a computer software program that has been developed to help police recreate faces. This software also allows the victims and eye witnesses to create faces easier by having more options. This also makes it easier for police departments because then they do not have to actually draw the sketches. This would be helpful for our trial because I cannot draw very well. This article taught me that there are other ways to do sketches other than by drawing them.