Defense Attorneys 4


What You Can Expect from the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer-

This website broke down the expectations and duties of a defense lawyer. It explained the advantages of hiring a lawyer versus trying to defend yourself in court. After reading through this page, I was able to know what my client wanted from me.


What is a Defense Lawyer?-

This website not only explains the duties of a defense lawyer, but it also breaks down different strategies of defense lawyers. Such as actually knowing whether your client is guilty or innocent. I used the pro and con break down of both strategies to decide how to proceed in my case.


Common Trial Objections-

This page lists, defines, and gives examples of the various types of objections in the court room. Any attorney ought to be quite familiar with this list. Knowing the suitable times for objections will ensure that the trial is not biased or unfair in any way. I used this information to know when the prosecutors were harassing my client.




Defense Attorney Background

This website provides a multitude of background information relating to a defense attorney. It covers the educational requirements, basic job description, and qualities needed to be a good defense attorney. This would be useful to have when trying to determine which role a person would want to play in the mock trial.


What is the BAR exam?

This page is the official website of the American Bar Association. The BAR exam is something you have to pass in order to be able to legally practice law. It covers everything a law student would have learned throughout their education in law school. This is interesting information that would be useful to have for a defense attorney.


Defense Attorney Ethics

This page provides an insight into the ethics of a defense attorney. It examines the dilemma that defense attorneys face when they know their client is guilty, but they still have to try to prove them innocent. It is easy to see how this could become hard for attorneys to worry about having justice served, and not winning the case for their client, who they know his guilty. This is good information to have when a defense attorney proceeds with their case.