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Google's Page Creator is a new web-based HTML editor. Nothing terribly fancy but it's very easy to use - more like a word processor than a web design tool. I like the focus on content rather than layout. Perhaps we'll end up with plainer, but more interesting pages to read as a result.


Here's a link to my blog at ZDNet.


Here's a picture:


 Very nice - Page Creator pops up a small control palette when you have an image or link selected and hides it when you move the insertion point to static text or a blank line.


Predictable reactions

Well, the reactions from bloggers have been nothing but predictable. As I expected, most are looking at everything GPC doesn't do which is, of course, all about their needs. This misses the point completely - GPC is not a high end tool. Watch the adoption numbers as lots of people who don't want or need a complex tool - just a way to put up a web page simply and easily - swarm to this service driven by the cachet of Google's brand.