Mobistealth Review

Mobile technology is a boon to mankind. You can now stay in touch with your family and friends no matter which part of the globe they are. The advent of smartphone has doubled the benefit and you are able to accomplish many tasks easily while on the move. The growth in technology brings in its share of risks too. To counter the same, mobile monitoring software offers a security and safety measure. A popular monitoring software is Mobistealth which offers comprehensive mobile monitoring and computer monitoring software.
Why Mobistealth?

The safety of your family and the security of your professional/banking information are of paramount importance. As we tend to store all confidential information in our mobiles, it is imperative to secure the same. Installing Mobistealth helps to secure both your phone as well as the information contained in it. You can also monitor the activities of your spouse, kids and employees.

Installing Mobistealth

Installing Mobistealth is just a 15 minute job. It is akin to downloading any other app. Access and download the app. restart your phone and the software will launch itself. The only pre requisite is that you must have the physical custody of the mobile phone on which you want to install Mobistealth.

Who can use Mobistealth?

Parents can install Mobistealth on their kid’s phones to keep a tab on their activities. If you suspect your spouse/partner of infidelity, this monitoring software works as a spying software and records all details. In the capacity of an employer, you can make use of Mobistealth to track your employee’s activities.

Features offered by Mobistealth

1. Location tracking through GPS

2. Call tracking and recording along with time and duration

3. SMS tracking

4. E mail tracking and recording

5. Browsing history

6. Restricts or block access to certain websites/apps

7. Remote locking through SMS commands

8. Remote data obliteration

9. Data back up

10. Log of chat history with details of conversations

11. View contact lists, photos and videos stored on the mobile phone

12. Listen in to phone surroundings

13. Reverse phone look up – this unique feature of Mobistealth tracks a person based on his mobile or landline number.


1. Easy and quick installation. Does not need expert knowledge

2. Functions in stealth mode and cannot be detected other than by the person who has installed.

3. Compatibility with all phone; android, iphone, windows mobile and symbian

4. Customized plans based on monitoring needs.

5. 10 day money back guarantee

Retrieving information

After subscribing to Mobistealth, you receive a username and password. The Mobistealth account can be accessed from anywhere. All recorded logs are uploaded to the user account. You can view these recorded logs and know the truth.

Mobistealth is a high end surveillance tool that offers comprehensive and secure monitoring. The functioning in stealth mode qualifies it to be an ideal spying software. The 24x7 customer support offered through phone, live chat and email is excellent.

If you want to safeguard your personal and business interests, install Mobistealth monitoring software.