Mobistealth Review

With the growing advents in the field of communication people are able to balance the work life and personal life sitting at one place. No doubt communication has reached a remarkable realm which lets people stay connected with their loved ones at all times. Mobile phones are one of the incredible inventions that help you lead a stress free life as you are able to know the whereabouts of your kids and spouse either from your workplace or home. At the same time, it can also put you in a bout of hassles if it is misused by your kids or spouse. Well, you can clear out the hassles by just installing a cell phone monitoring software into the mobile phones of your loved ones and monitor them closely to avert any mishaps.

Mobistealth Mobile Monitoring Software

Mobistealth is a leading cell phone monitoring software provider who equips your mobile phone with sophisticated surveillance features when you install their monitoring software in it. The software is capable of monitoring the cell phone activities of your loved ones without intimidating them that they are monitored. The software secretly monitors all the activities of your suspects and updates them to your user account that is provided during the purchase of the software. The highlighted features of Mobistealth monitoring software are:

·         Enables you safeguard your children 24/7 even when they are away from you

·         Offers stealth monitoring without intimidating the user

·         Enables monitoring mobile phone models such as BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia , Android and Windows mobile phones

·         If you are an employer, you can monitor all the cell phones owned by you

·         Cost of monitoring just starts with $0.05 a day

Mobile Activities Tracked

Mobistealth offers a cost effective solution to monitor all the cell phone activities of your loved ones. The activities performed by the surveillance software are:

·         You can remotely activate the microphone of the suspect and listen to the conversations in the live surroundings of the phone location

·         You can monitor activities like call received and made, incoming and outgoing text messages, videos captured and shared and also images

·         You can view the tracked data sitting anywhere with the help of internet

·         You can know the places that the suspect moves to with GPS tracking feature

Additional features offered

Besides offering effective surveillance features, the services also include Reverse phone lookup, Remote phone wipe, Safe communication and SIM change alert. Reverse phone lookup will cost you many dollars if you buy any other individual software meant for it but Mobistealth integrates this feature along with the basic mobile tracking features at no cost. Remote phone wipe feature enables you wipe your phone data remotely if it is lost or stolen and thus helps in safeguarding your valuable personal data. In case your suspect changes the SIM, you will be notified about the change as well as the new SIM details by Mobistealth.

Mobistealth PC Monitoring Software

Mobistealth also offers an all-inclusive PC monitoring software app. This app is effective in monitoring all the activities performed in the computer. The app can be installed in seconds and once installed it starts sending all the computing activities to your user account secretly.  The notable features of PC monitoring app are:

·         Instant download and installation

·         Helps safeguarding children from cyber crimes and online bullying

·         Helps you monitor the employees and enhances productivity

·         Data is updated to your user account in secretive manner and offers complete user satisfaction


With all these sophisticated monitoring features and innovations Mobistealth continues to offer its believers a good support and greatly relieves them from the mobile and online threats.