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Geplaatst 4 dec. 2013 09:15 door Brecht Fietser
As you may recall from previous news letters, in 2011 we partnered up with Stephane, a Belgian living in the Czech Republic. His company Katanga is taking care of production and international sales expansion of the WAW.

Over the last two years we gradually transferred and improved the WAW and its production. Stephanes talent for process engineering has freed us from the repetitive production work and we can concentrate on bespoke engineering and service. Another effect of these optimizations is that the WAW now costs less to produce. The margins are still not high enough to provide a normal retail chain through bike shops, but we're happy we could keep offering a safe, full carbon-kevlar velomobile for the price of a glass fibre one. Speaking of which, we are now also a dealer for our Dutch colleagues from for our customers living in the more cycle-friendly regions of Belgium.

Katanga has its web site up and will help customers outside the area of or its dealers. So if you're from outside Belgium, the Netherlands or France, and you're interested in anything WAW, you can contact Stephane at or info@. Of course we're still happy to help you out as well.