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What's the WAW?

Geplaatst 29 mrt. 2012 08:37 door Brecht Fietser   [ 2 mei 2013 04:27 bijgewerkt ]
The WAW is a superfast velomobile, fine-tuned for practical, comfortable and safe cycling in everyday traffic.

A carbon safety frame enveloped in tough aramid (kevlar) fibre supports a wide track, low centre of gravity and sidewind stability to make the WAW the safest cycle. The aramid nose and tail are easily detached for maintenance and repair, doubling as crumple zones. With its meticulous composition of carbon and kevlar, the WAW is by far the lightest street safe velomobile: ranging from 24kg for the ultra-light version, around 28kg for a commute vehicle, to 33kg for a hybrid bio-electric version.

Featuring a stiff and efficient transmission, compact turning radius, low weight and wide stance, we believe the WAW is currently the fastest human powered vehicle in real world traffic and terrain. On the straight and flat, the minimal frontal area and optimal form factor offer aerodynamic efficiency among the best. The unique convertible canopy enhances the aerodynamics and offers full weather protection. It shields the rider from extremes of both heat and cold, and protects the head from wind and weather. The adjustable visor prevents fogging and is unique in maintaining excellent vision in the rain.

As far as we know, the WAW offers the best combination of cycling fun, safety, speed and all-weather comfort.

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