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  • What's the WAW? The WAW is a superfast velomobile, fine-tuned for practical, comfortable and safe cycling in everyday traffic.A carbon safety frame enveloped in tough aramid (kevlar) fibre supports a wide ...
    Geplaatst 2 mei 2013 04:27 door Brecht Fietser
  • Waw:: a practical sports car :: The WAW is a single person car that doesn't pollute the air, never needs a refill and is affordable for all. Or you could look at it this way ...
    Geplaatst 29 jun. 2010 09:11 door Brecht Fietser
  • Sexy The WAW conveys a lot of emotions, it's an eye-catcher as well as an eye-opener. It's sporty and blitzy but at the same time durable and ...
    Geplaatst 29 jun. 2010 09:22 door Brecht Fietser
  • Safe The Waw is probably the safest cycle in the world, thanks to its impact-absorbing zones front and rear, roll bars, protective cage and excellent stability.Full body helmet.In ...
    Geplaatst 29 jun. 2010 09:45 door Brecht Fietser
  • Healty Throw away your fitness program, enjoy the WAW magic!Winter and summer, you can exercise in comfort, cocooning in your cockpit, with some music on or enjoying the silence or ...
    Geplaatst 29 jun. 2010 09:44 door Brecht Fietser
  • Comfortable The hardtop protects you against rain, wind and sun. It's a convertible; you can store inside the Waw your top or the visor or both.The Waw is a ...
    Geplaatst 22 apr. 2010 12:30 door Brecht Fietser
  • Practical In the Waw's cockpit you can loose some 150liter of (non-solid) luggage. If you take the trunk in the nose as option, you have more.You don't ...
    Geplaatst 22 apr. 2010 12:43 door Brecht Fietser
  • Fast This vehicle is one of the fastests that you can move with own power. Ride further in a shorter time!In comparison with our collegues, we are in the same ...
    Geplaatst 22 apr. 2010 13:08 door Brecht Fietser
  • Ultralight We are looking since 1990 for the most efficiënt way to move ourselves. This quest led us to the Waw, which is grown to a school example of light construction ...
    Geplaatst 22 apr. 2010 13:16 door Brecht Fietser

  • Geplaatst 25 mrt. 2010 09:18 door Brecht Fietser
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BeWaw; Our standard. Very complete, very usefull for daily trips.
EWaw; Hybrid Waw; human and electric power.
Raw; The lighter version but still made for intensive use.


Build your own Waw.

Link to the current version of the WAW Configurator. Mail us for personal advice and an offer.

Manual & Maintenance

Waws in space: where are they riding?
40% in Belgium, find the others on this map: (click here for a bigger map)

Waw eigenaars

Waws in space: Profiles

  • Waw032 Hello, this is Fred Ungewitter, from Daytona Beach, Florida USA. I am the happy owner of WAW 032, purchased from Ray M. of about three years ago.  I ...
    Geplaatst 29 jun. 2010 00:55 door Brecht Fietser
  • Waw079 Volker Lichem, Austria After several hundred kilometers and some adjusting to my physique (it fits me now like a glove but there is not a millimeter wasted room) I am ...
    Geplaatst 18 apr. 2010 02:41 door Brecht Fietser
  • Waw007
    Geplaatst 16 apr. 2010 03:07 door Brecht Fietser
  • Waw006
    Geplaatst 16 apr. 2010 03:05 door Brecht Fietser
  • Waw005 ° 2/2004 Francis Van de Walle, De Pinte
    Geplaatst 16 apr. 2010 02:40 door Brecht Fietser
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