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  • Welcome! As you may recall from previous news letters, in 2011 we partnered up with Stephane, a Belgian living in the Czech Republic. His company Katanga is taking care of production ...
    Geplaatst 4 dec. 2013 09:15 door Brecht Fietser
  • New Address We moved! 33, Ferdinand Lousbergskaai, 9000 Gent. 1,2km from our old workshop, 0,8km from Trainstation Dampoort. In the same buildings as Cheeseshop Het Hinkelspel
    Geplaatst 12 okt. 2011 05:06 door Brecht Fietser
  • Closed from 19/9 till 24/9, New adress from 26/9 We move! We'll be barely available this week, but from 26/9 on, we'll work in a spacious workshop. We plan to build a real bikeshop, but that ...
    Geplaatst 16 sep. 2011 02:01 door Brecht Fietser
  • Gent Carfree 18/9, drink @ Lousberskaai from 10 to 17h We offer you a drink in our new workshop: 33, F. Lousbergskaai in Gent. It is only 1300m from our current workshop away, 1000m from train station Gent-Dampoort, along ...
    Geplaatst 16 sep. 2011 01:31 door Brecht Fietser
  • E-WAW, a bio-electric hybrid E-WAW. On the hybrid front we're now offering a custom mix of light and reliable stuff from Crystalyte and Cyclone. At 2.2 kg, the 250W Cyclone motor ...
    Geplaatst 8 jun. 2011 11:12 door Brecht Fietser
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Fietser Waw

  • What's the WAW? The WAW is a superfast velomobile, fine-tuned for practical, comfortable and safe cycling in everyday traffic.A carbon safety frame enveloped in tough aramid (kevlar) fibre supports a wide track, low centre of gravity and sidewind stability to make the WAW the safest cycle. The aramid nose and tail are easily detached for maintenance and repair, doubling as crumple zones. With its meticulous composition of carbon and kevlar, the WAW is by far the lightest street safe velomobile: ranging from 24kg for the ultra-light version, around 28kg for a commute vehicle, to 33kg for a hybrid bio-electric version. Featuring a stiff and efficient transmission, compact turning radius, low weight and wide stance, we believe the WAW is ...
    Geplaatst 2 mei 2013 04:27 door Brecht Fietser
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ICE trikes

  • ICE Comfortable and fast, a blessing for mood and back. Foldable, lots of luggage capacity; the ultimate travelbike. City model Adventure, Touring model Sprint; with rear suspension, front suspension possible. Sports model Vortex: light, fast, compact.  Design by
    Geplaatst 21 apr. 2010 13:19 door Brecht Fietser
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Feetz Compacte Pick-up

  • Feetz; compact workbike on 3 or 4 wheels Practical; park him everywhere. Safe and fun on 3 wheels; pends like a normal bike in corners. Stable and with a lot of luggage capacity on 4 wheels; never feet on the ground! Becoms a Caddy in 1 fluid movement. Luggage capacity up to 180Liter As an option the Feetz becomes a Strolly / KidstransporterAs an option we make an all weather protectionHandcrafted in Holland
    Geplaatst 20 apr. 2010 05:13 door Brecht Fietser
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Welcome in Fietser's virtual workshop

With more than 20 years experience in alternative vehicles, we can offer solutions for any mobility need. Always energy-efficient, durable and with outstanding service. We survey the market for the best stuff, and if it's not there, we make it.

Going to work, visiting family, running errands or just touring,... it's all possible without consuming enormous quantities of energy, in a comfortable and enjoyable manner.

We hope you enjoy our web site!
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