Draft Material on Mobile Wireless Test Automation

As the work is ongoing and based on my experiences and feedback, several topics need more work before they're ready for sharing more widely. Here are various draft topics which may become chapters in the main material on Mobile Wireless Test Automation. You are welcome to contribute comments, material, tips, etc. I'm happy to acknowledge relevant sources if you would like to be credited. Please note: this material exists in several forms and sources, for instance as a published book. Please tell me if you'd like any restrictions placed on your contributions, otherwise I'll assume you're contribution is freely available to use.

Similarly, you are welcome to use material from this site, I request you credit this work as one of your sources and don't abuse the work I, and others, have contributed by pretending you wrote the content on this site. When the material is protected by additional restrictions e.g. the copyright of a published book, you will need to conform to those restrictions when referencing the work in that form.

The work is written in a personal capacity.

Julian Harty
October 2009

Draft chapters:
Other topics of interest which are even less mature include: