hOurworld Timebanking

What is Timebanking?

Do you want to be part of a community that helps you when you need help? Do you have skills and services you can provide for the good of others? Consider Timebanking! With Timebanking, you can participate in local service exchanges and create a better sense of community. Everybody has something to offer, and we all need a hand sometimes. Join Timebanking and see what the power of all of us can accomplish.

What is in it for me?

Timebanking allows a trade of skills and services to students like you in the community. Simply put, one can ask for tasks to be completed, and one can also complete tasks for the benefit of others. Timebanking supports the power of good that can be accomplished by individuals in a group while empowering all to fulfill their needs as they give back. PLUS, participation yields the potential for: A chance to win a $50 gift card.

How can I participate?

Simply send an email to us: psu.hci@gmail.com

What is the study procedure?

The study will start immediately and followings are four study requirements.

  • First, complete a 10-minute online pre-survey. 
  • Second, join a local timebank in State College and download the app
  • Third, use the app and the website for a month (during November) and complete a weekly report (10 mins).
  • Fourth, complete a 15-minute online post-survey. 

We encourage you to join a local timebank as soon as possible, because the timebank coordinator should approve your application, which usually takes a couple of days. Once you get approved, you will receive an email.

What about study requirements and compensation?

We have two drawings ($50 gift card) for this study. To be entered into the drawing pool, we ask you to complete the following requirements.  

  • Post at least four timebank tasks 
    • Two private and two public tasks
  • What are the private and public tasks?
    • Private tasks are the ones that must be done at someone's "home" 
    • Public tasks are the ones done "in any public (open) space" (e.g., school, café, library, restaurant, grocery store, in-car, etc.)
  • Perform at least two tasks
    • One task for friends or family members who you know well
    • One task for acquaintances who you don't know well or strangers who you don't know at all.
  • You are welcome to do more than what we ask here. Check "Study info" to see some task examples.

There will be drawings at the end of the study. You will also get course credits if you complete all the requirements.

If you have any questions about this study or mobile time banking in general, please let us know! (psu.hci@gmail.com)