" As computers and the Internet become more essential educational tools, the technologies become more portable, affordable, effective and easy to use. A paradigm shift is occurring in the access people have to educational materials due to the ubiquitous availability of these materials brought about by the mobility and pervasiveness factors which are inherent to mobile technologies, thus allowing learning at any time and in any place."

From Ubiquitous Learning - An Application of Mobile Technology in Education by Paul Hayes, David Joyce and Pramod Pathak

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Mobile Education


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    ‎Constructivist-based learning using location-aware mobile technology‎
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    ‎Ubiquitous Learning - An Application of Mobile Technology in Education‎
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    ‎Schooling the Mobile Generation: The Future for Schools in the Mobile-Networked Society‎
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Music Listening Survey

If you are willing to do a one week study allowing students to listen to iPods, Mp3 players etc. during study times in your classroom, please have students self assess using this survey at the end of the week.  You can also add your own comments to the discussions.  Thanks! (and maybe if it's a study your admin will let you do it!)

Music Listening Survey

Cell Phones in Schools Survey

Mobile Phone Survey

Mobile Technologies and Constructivism

What does constructivist teaching practice look like? Do Mobile technologies support or detract? Have a look at this TeacherTube video and think about what you could do in your classroom with mobile technologies and student centred learning.


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