Week Monday Wednesday Deliverables 
 1 Jan 11: 
Lectures: Course Syllabus,InnovationPrevious ProjectsPEST Analysis, POGs

Activities: Enrollment check, ice breaker exercises, 

 PEST historical analysis
 Jan 13:
Two-minute Madness. Each student presents an idea about innovation on one slide in two minutes.

Reading (Download all 
PDFs from here.) 
  • Cagan & Vogel, 2012, on Creating Breakthrough Products, Ch. 1.
  Jan 13:
One slide innovation idea

Jan 16:

Fill out team formation survey
 2 Jan 18: 
(No Class)
 Jan 20:
Lecture: Team building

Risdon, Customer Journey Maps
Service Blueprints
Gerber, Improv Brainstorming
Simsarian, 2003, The Roles of Roleplaying 
 Jan 20:
Team Contract(A1)
 3 Jan 25: 
Business Models and Value Proposition Diagrams

Osterwalder, 2010, on 
Business Model Canvas.
 Jan 27:
Improv Brainstorming
Yes, and
Yes, but
No, actually
Reading: Gerber2009-Improv To Enhance Brainstorming

Work Session
 4 Feb 1: 
Team Presentations of Service Concept and its Value Proposition
 Feb 3:
Lecture:  Needfinding(Interviewing, Surveying, Observation)

Work session: formulating hypotheses and writing interview/survey questions

Blank, 2013, Customer Discovery 
(download PDFs from here)
Patnaik, 1999,Needfinding
 Feb 1: 
Service Idea, Competitive Analysis, and Value Proposition(A2)
Feb 3: Teammate Survey
 5 Feb 8: 
Lecture: Pivoting
Activity: Speed dating exercise

Reading: Davidoff, Speed Dating
 Feb 10:
Work session 
 6 Feb 15: 
Work session 
 Feb 17:
Present Research Results
 Feb 17: Research Results(A3)
Feb 19: Complete Teammate Survey
 7 Feb 22: 
Visiting Entrepreneur:Dietrich Stephan
Lecture: Quantifying Value Hypothesis
 Feb 24: 
 8 Feb 29:  Mar 2:
Presentations of Revised Plans
 Mar 2:
Revised Service Idea and Quantified Value Proposition(A4)
Mar 4: Complete Teammate Survey
 9 Mar 7: 
Spring break 
 Mar 9:
Spring break
 10 Mar 14: 
Lecture: Growth Models
 Mar 16: 
 11 Mar 21:  Mar 23:
 Mar 23
Quantified Growth Models(A5)
 12 Mar 28: 
  • Use Cases
  • Mockups
    • Paper
    • Screens
  • Wizard of Oz Testing
  • Bodystorming
  • Concierge MVP
Houde & Hill, What do Prototypes Prototype?
Cockburn, Use Cases
Bodystorming as Embodied Design
Ries, The Concierge Minimum Viable Product;
Concierge MVP video.
Wizard of Oz Testing

 Mar 30:

 13Apr 4: 

 Apr 6: Video Sketching
Poster creation

Reading: Zimmerman, Pervasive Video

 Apr 6

 14     Apr 11: Presentations Apr 13: 

Apr 11;
Prototyping and/or Marketing Results (A6)
 15 Apr 18:  Review Scripts

Apr 20:
Visiting Entrepreneur: Srinath Vaddepally Alert Call

 16 Apr 25: 

 Apr 27: Test Videos 
 17 May 3: 17:30-20:30 
407 S. Craig St.
May 3, Finals Slot:
Video Sketch presentations, poster session.   (A7)