Teammate Reviewing

The purpose of teammate surveys is primarily to enhance team communication and performance. A team that knew each other well could discuss the questions in the survey informally and frankly, but no team starts out that way. 

Answers are mandatory, so you can leave items unchecked if you lack knowledge or opinions. Your answers about yourself are ignored.

Here are some suggestions about how interpret the questions on the standard survey:

Work Contribution 
Excellent ... spent far more time or created far more work than can be expected.
Good ... worked hard.
OK ... contributed appropriately
Fair ... did somewhat less than appropriate
Poor ... did very little

Interaction with Teammates
Excellent ... listens to everyone empathetically and helps the group connect
Good ... listens and speaks well
OK ... listens and speaks appropriate
Fair ... talks too much or too little, misses important comments
Poor ... talks way too much or is always silent, ignores others

Keeps Team on Track
Excellent ...creates good agendas, reminds everyone of current goals
Good ... keeps focus on current goals
OK ... works on goals
Fair ... sometimes gets distracted
Poor ... goes off on tangents, distracts group

Expects Quality
Excellent ... pushes to create great work without causing discouragement
Good ... looks for ways to improve work
OK ... checks work against examples and instructions
Fair ... allows flawed items to pass
Poor ... ignores poor work

Applies Knowledge and Skill
Excellent ... produces great results using unique talent
Good ... applies good skills and knowledge to problems
OK ... performs adequately on tasks
Fair ... does simple work on tasks
Poor ... doesn't appear to know much

Percentage Credit Deserved
Estimate the overall contribution of team members and split the credit among everyone as if one were distributing shares of stock in a company. If every member of a five-person team contributed equally, each would get 20%.