MPS Membership
Mobile pediatric simulation is didcated itself for enhancing the education and research in pediatric simuation worldwide. Being mobile in nature, MPS supports the pediatric education through simulation around the globe. We move and with this move we need our representatives and supporters in different locations. You are invited to join us for free to support this valuable need. 

You do not need to think, the membership is free. Join us now!

Types of members:
Although membership is opened, we look particularly for the experts in their field.
Meanwhile, we love to have the novices and beginers to learn from the experts.
For these goals, we have 5 types of memberships:
  1. Pediatric Healthcare Professional
  2. Pediatric Subject Matter Expert
  3. Healthcare / Medical Educator
  4. Simulation Specialist / Technician
  5. Beginers in simulation
How to become a member?
Register online for free. It is quite easy. 
Fill and submit the form on the right side 
You will recieve an automatic confirmation reply if your submission is successful.
Your information is secured and confidential

Benefits of membership:
  1. Priority to join the MPS team at your country for simulation event there.
  2. Participate and share your experience with MPS for future consideration. 
  3. Participate for the award of the annual best member.
  4. Make your research or event in pediatric simulation recognized

For any inquiry about membership, contact us at

MPS Membership