MPS Educational & Training Programs

Educators Simulation Courses
    1. Basic Simulation Instructors
    2. Advanced Simulation Instructors  
    3. Scenario Writing
    4. Theater Design 
    5. Advanced Debriefing 
    6. Inter-professional Education
    7. Standardized Persons training
    8. Part Task Trainers innovation
                  Neonatology Simulation Courses
                    1. IPE Neonatal Emergencies 
                    2. Neonatal Respiratory Support
                    3. Neonatal Vascular access
                    4. Neonatal Procedures
                    5. Neonatal Pharmaceutical
                    6. Neonatal Nutrition
                    7. Neonatal Transfer
                                Pediatrics Simulation Courses
                                  1. IPE Pediatric Emergencies
                                  2. Pediatric Respiratory Support
                                  3. Pediatric Vascular Access
                                  4. Pediatric Critical Nephrology
                                  5. Pediatric Renal Replacement
                                  6. Pediatric Pharmaceutical
                                  7. Pediatric Nutrition
                                  8. Pediatric subspecialties
                                                Other Activities
                                                  1. Pediatric OSCE Sim Exam 
                                                  2. Pediatric Simulation bed-side Round
                                                  3. Pediatric general OPD Simulation 
                                                  4. Pediatric specialized OPD Simulation 

                                                        Set your learning objectives and we will achieve them.
                                                        Tell us your need and we will make it live.
                                                        Simulation is the bridge between theory & practice.