MPS Board

MPS Simulation Director
GC Med Edu, MEd, CHSE & CHSE-A 
Chair of pediatric section in SSH
Chair of pediatric committee in HGH

Dr. Elbaba, is a pediatrician & pediatric nephrologist. He was graduated from Ain Shams University, Egypt in 1989. He based in Hamad Medical Corporation and its affiliated Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar since 2011.

He is qualified in medical education with post-graduate certificate and master degree in medical education from university of Cincinnati, USA in 2014 & 2015. Beside his medical qualifications, he has other non-medical certifications in filmmaking, screenwriting & others.

In year 2016, he was invited to a co-chair position of the pediatric simulation committee in Hamad General Hospital. Dr. Elbaba is certified as healthcare simulation educator (CHSE) in 2015 then CHSE-A (Advanced) in 2018 from the Society of Simulation in Healthcare (SSH). His leadership progress in the SSH started as a member then he joined the CHSE Exam Readiness Review committee. In January 2018, he was elected in SSH as a chair of pediatric section. He also joined the WebCAM committee in the International Pediatric Simulation Society in 2018. In January 2019, he has been selected as a member of the certification board in SSH.

MPS Simulation Producer
Bsc. Pharm, RPh, PFCCS, MSHPEd
Co-chair of pediatric committee in HGH

Dr. Mahgoub, is a  clinical Pharmacist specialized in pediatric critical care. He was graduated from Cairo University , Egypt in 2006 and currently is working in Hamad Medical Corporation, pediatric critical care unit. 

Dr. Mahgoub is a co-chair of the pediatric simulation committee in Hamad General Hospital, Qatar.

Dr. Mahgoub earned a master degree in health professions education in June 2017 from Boston, USA. 

MPS Simulation Manager
MB.B.Ch., M.Sc., MRCPCH, MD Pediatrics
Member of Board of Directors in IPSS

Dr. Bayoumi is Neonatologist in Hamad medical Corporation, Qatar. He was graduated from Al - Azhar Faculty of Medicine, Egypt in 2001. He got his master degree in 2006, MD degree in 2010 and MRCPCH in 2012.

Dr. Bayoumi is a member of the pediatric simulation committee in Hamad General Hospital, Qatar.

He is an NRP and Communication Skills Instructor.

Dr. Bayoumi is a Member of Society for Simulation in Healthcare and International Pediatric Simulation Society. 

Effective from May, 2018 he is appointed as a trainee representative of the BOD in IPSS.