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I offer mobile notary services to your home, business, or other location 7 days a week (M-F after 6:30PM).

If you need to get a letter or form notarized or other notarial work (please make sure that your document is fully written) then contact me, Stephanie, on this site and I will be more than happy to notarize your document.

If you have any questions pertaining to your document please contact its originator, as notaries are not allowed to give advice, prepare documents, or make recommendations.

When getting documents notarized, you will be required to show a picture ID, preferably a driver's license.

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Question: What is a Notary Public?


Notary publics are private individuals who provide public services in an official capacity. The certification requirements to become a notary public vary from place to place. In most of the United States, a notary public is authorized by a court or other legal body. In other locations, notaries get certification from the state or national governing body and are practicing lawyers. When a notary public is also an attorney, this profession is referred to as notary-at-law or lawyer notary.

As with any branch of the legal profession, notaries are required to be aware of the legality of certain documents, form and statements. After demonstrating accurate knowledge following an exam of the procedures involved in the certification of such statements, notaries are able to administer oaths, stamp, seal and sign private and commercial documents. Notary publics may work with a company or corporation, such as a bank, as a paid employee or as a freelance notary public. Many times a company such as a bank employs a notary public so that there is always one on hand to stamp and authenticate signatures on loans and other forms, which may be classified. Notaries may also provide mobile services. Mobile services often include an additional fee to cover the extra time and cost of travel, especially if the public officer is using a private car.

Notaries also work as the agents of lawyers and courts to authenticate signatures on loans or witness statements, including affidavits. Notary publics provide valuable services to local businesses and individuals. These services allow for the easy certification of forms, statements and other legally binding documents.

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