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Loong Craft is a widely popular, mobile, 3D MMORPG, which exploded in the Asian market and is quickly filling up English servers, while it is not the first 3D MMO for mobile, it is certainly the first of its caliber. It is helping to bridge the gap between PC, and mobile gaming, by offering beautiful graphics, highly rewarding game-play an open world experience that that you would normally find on a large scale PC MMO.

You play as one of 4 main classes, 2 melee style classes incorporating both Magic attack (Lancer), and Physical attack (Warrior). Of course this means there is 2 classes left, the Ranged Magical Attacker (Tactician), and the Ranged Physical Attacker (Archer).

    Set in Feudal China, Loong Craft Incorporates a real time struggle between 6 rival states. Loong Craft also incorporates a unique guild system,  and merit system, the player  who leads the state in Merit Score becomes the Emporer of the state, he then allocates his Generals and Officers, two of which will have the ability to assign an offsider of there choice.