Concept Brief


Be a master for your mobile phone

Do you satisfy the functions on your mobile phone?



The mobile phone makers already provide many functions for phone, in general, the most of users only use a few features, yet have no choice to take higher cost for that with some unused functions. For example, the business model phone is usually equipped with keyboard, LENS and GPS; of course, the Keyboard module is convenient to manage the real-time messages; in general, the LENS is low specifications and popular pixel in phone is vary difficult to take a colorful picture, and the GPS is seldom used for business.



May I be a master for my mobile phone to decide the functions I need?



I definitely hope the function each on my mobile phone are suitable for my needs; for instance, the functionality on LENS is high quality goods; although I rarely take a picture, if need I want to get fine picture; it is ok to me the GPS don't make me lost in a city, so I don't mind whether its is precise.

我當然希望每一個在手機上的功能是適時適當的符合我需,如相機功能好一點,雖然我不常拍照,但需要時我就要拍的精緻,GPS 只要不讓我迷路就好了,不在意它的精確度‧ 


In the past, the mobile phone had a way to extend its functions by extra module that let user directly to link up phone, e.g. LENS and keyboard etc; but user feel uncomfortable for carrying this linkage, because this idea is temporary to link extra function for doing something, therefore the both module and phone have to be separated in the moving.



Currently, we think up a multi-folded concept on the mobile is to make the extra modules become one of portions of the mobile phone after linking; of course it also doesn't need to integrate any additional function.



Absolutely, customer will be a master for his mobile phone in the future, everyone can select functions his needs for life to link up, and switch to different features at the proper time slot; such as, I connect the keyboard for working, LENS module is for my traveling, TV module is for exciting programs and , I kill time by the gaming module.

未來消費者絕對會是手機的主人,每個人都可以連接他生活上需要的功能,且在不同的時段轉換成不同的特性;例如, 我連接鍵盤為了工作,鏡頭模組為了我的旅行,電視模組為了精采的節目,消磨時間用遊戲模組‧


Of course, current some of modules can be combined into the mobile, but those cater to popular needs, and I don't think the mobile maker will take resourse to create special feature for tiny people; for instance, biker, dancer and composer, etc.



However, the professinal vendors can develop the extra modules to invcrease the different functions for the phone, because they can provide the more detail service in their goods for special groups.  



In the future, the phone maker will become a platform provider to maintain the system and certificate the extra modules that enrich peoples's life.