Mobile Living Platform 


Link up your needs in living!


This modular idea is for user's need to integrate various attachments into mobile phone.


                               View whole concept.  整體概念瀏覽 

1. Link up the Keyboard module. 鍵盤模組‧

2. Link up the LENS module. 鏡頭模組‧

3. Link up the Joystick module. 遊戲模組‧

4. Link up the TV module. 電視模組‧

5. Link up the Sportswear module. 休閒模組‧

6. Link up the Biking module. 單車模組‧

7. Link up the Belt module. 腰帶模組‧

8. Link up the Instrument module. 樂器模組‧    

Concept Brief