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Gallery - Summer 2013 Summer Professional Development Course for Hartford Teachers

Creative Project 1Work with a partner to create a socially useful interactive game and/or tool, that uses algorithms, 
abstraction (procedures, parameters)  and randomness in significant ways. As you develop your project keep track of 
significant errors and bugs that you encountered and how you solved or debugged them.

 Aaron Czarnecki and Julie Lemke 

 Seymour de Oliveira and Michael McCausland 

 Joe Kess and Jim Veseskis
 The Parent App
 Raul Vargas and Jamie Verab
 Don't Think Just Do It

 Tylon Davis and Betsy Dillard
 Excuses, Excuses

Creative Project 2Work with a partner to create a location aware app that uses either Google maps or App Inventor GPS 
sensor to display locations and/or directions from the phones current location . Provide a write up in your portfolio that
describes your app's design and how it works.

 Tylon Dave and Seymour de Oliveira CT Electric Fuel Stations
 Aaron Czarnecki and Raul Vargas Close @ Hand
 Betsy Dillard and Joe Kess Friends & Family Map App
 Julie Lemke and Jamie Verab Trin Grub
 Mike McCausland and Jim Veseskis My Location

Creative Project 3:  Work in pairs to create a socially aware app that includes texting and/or a WebDB to 
communicate among devices. Provide a write up in your portfolio that describes your app's design and how it works.

 Raul Vargas and Joe Kess Parent Teacher Outreach
 Michael McCausland and Jamie Verab Ralphy's Bytes
 Aaron Czarnecki and Betsy Dillard Order Up

 Julie Lemke and Tylon Davis Teacher Text
 Jim Veseskis and Seymour de Oliveira

Final Creative Project: Working  in pairs design and create a mobile app that makes good use of the device’s mobility 
(GPS, Accelerometer, or Orientation sensor) and communication capabilities (Texting, TinyWebDb, Fusion tables, or Twitter)  
to perform some socially useful task that uses Hartford or some other public data (graph or map).

 Raul Vargas and Michael McCausland Hartford Snap Back and Snap To
 Tylon Davis and Jamie Verab LHO Heartbeat
 Joe Kess and Jim Veseskis The ParentApp

 Julie Lemke and Seymour Oliveira What To Do in Hartford
  Aaron Czarnecki and Betsy Dillard Homework Now