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[MultiLoader] lets you share multiple photos and videos to Facebook, Twitpic(+Twitter), Tumblr, Dropbox, Picasa, Email, PC and iPhone/iPad with ease and joy. 

By virtue of it's efficient memory management and performance, you can even send up to thousands of photos/videos. [Photo Sender] uploads the photos/videos even when you leave the app. The upload is done in background and you're notified when the upload completes. 
In addition, you don't need any USB cable nor additional PC application to synch your photos between iPhone and PC/iPhone. 

[MultiLoader] also preserves EXIF data. Share your photos without any information loss. 

Video Demonstration

YouTube Video


Select Send Target

Select Multiple Photos and Videos

Selected Photos and Videos

Tag Photos (for Facebook)

Select Photos Size and Compress Option

Select Target Album (FACEBOOK). You Can Also Create New Album

8. Upload Multiple Items to Facebook At the Same Time

Upload Multiple Items to Twitpic At the Same Time

Tweet to Twitter. TwitLonger Supported

Upload Multiple Items to Dropbox

Send Multiple Items to Email

Send Multiple Items to PC (Download the File using your WEB Browser)

Send Multiple Items to iPhone

Receive Multiple Items from PC 

Receive Multiple Items from iPhone



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