Call For Papers

MobiCloud is intended to bring together cloud computing researchers, experts, developers, and practitioners from academia, industry, and service providers, to share practical implementations/experiences related to new mobile computing technologies and applications enabled by the clouds, and to discuss emerging and future trends in research and application that integrate cloud computing paradigm into mobile devices, mobile applications, and mobile services.  To that end, papers are solicited from all cloud related areas involving mobile devices, mobile applications, or mobile services, including, but not limited to:

    * Mobile platforms, systems, applications, and services integrating with the clouds

    * Performance evaluation, measurement, and modeling of cloud based mobile services and applications

    * Resource discovery, allocation, scheduling, and management for cloud based mobile services

    * Partitioning technologies distributing computing workloads between clouds and mobile devices

    * Mobile web services integrating cloud computing infrastructure

    * Security and privacy issues/challenges for integrating clouds with mobile services/mobile devices

    * Mobile virtualization techniques and platforms

    * Economic analysis, revenue models, billing techniques for cloud based mobile services

    * Network and storage architectures for mobile clouds

    * Cloud computing support for mobile "real-time" interactive applications and services

    * Processing, mining, and storage of mobile context data using clouds

The list of mobile applications and services include, but not limited to:

    * Mobile social networking

    * Mobile enterprise applications

    * Mobile security and surveillance applications

    * Mobile and pervasive health-care applications

    * Mobile e-commerce and mobile payment

    * Mobile interactive entertainment, multimedia, virtual reality, and gaming

    * Location based services and mobile navigation

    * Mobile sensor networks

    * Mobile VoIP, mobile TV, and video conferencing