Welcome to the Moberly High School A+ Program webpage.   This webpage will be used to provide information about the A+ schools program. 
A+ Student/Parent Manual: This manual provides an overview of the A+ Eligibility requirements for new A+ students. 

What A+ tutoring opportunities are available at this time? How do I sign up?


There are quite a few tutoring opportunities available to A+ students.

  1. After-school tutoring at many of our schools. (days and times vary by building)
  2. Project Jumpstart (Tuesday and Thursday from 5:00 - 6:30 in Allendale Outreach Building)
  3. Summer School A+ Tutoring (8:00 - 12:00 during summer school)
To sign up for A+ tutoring, students need to come by the A+ office to pick up A+ tutoring timesheets and to discuss the available tutoring options. For summer school tutoring, I am currently taking names of students interested in participating in the summer school tutoring. 

Can I do job shadowing to earn A+ Tutoring/Mentoring hours?  

 Yes, A+ students can earn up to 12.5 hours of pre-approved job shadowing which will count toward the required 50 hours of A+ Tutoring/Mentoring.   Below is a link to the A+ Job Shadowing information and various forms needed for job shadowing. 

When do students have to complete the 50 hours of A+ Tutoring/Mentoring?

A+ students must complete the 50 hours of A+ Tutoring/Mentoring before they graduate high school.  We have a variety of tutoring/mentoring opportunities available to students and send emails to students when special tutoring opportunities become available.  Students may begin their A+ tutoring once they have submitted their A+ application.  To download and print the A+ application, please click on the following link:  A+ Application

How can students & parents monitor progress toward the A+ Program requirements?

When you receive your report card, there is an A+ Status update toward the bottom of the grade card.  It will provide your cumulative attendance percentage, A+ tutoring hours and GPA.  The status update also provides the A+ requirement for each.  For the graduating class of 2015 and beyond, students must pass  the Algebra 1 End of Course (EOC) exam or another qualifying exam.  Below is a list of other qualifying exams and the required score(s) for each. 

Algebra 1 EOC Achievement Level:  Proficient or Advanced
Geometry EOC Achievement Level:  Proficient or Advanced
Algebra II EOC Achievement Level: Proficient or Advanced
ACT Math Subscore:  17
COMPASS Pre-Algebra Score:  43
COMPASS Algebra Score:  1

Parents may view assessment results for their student in the Parent portal under the "Other" tab.  When you go to the Other tab, you will see "Assessments". If your student has taken any of the qualifying exams, you should see the scores for each assessment.  If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Dan Kruse at dankruse@moberlyspartans.org

Where can I find more information about how my A+ eligibility works once I have graduated from Moberly High School? 

The most up-to-date information available about the A+ Scholarship component can be found on the Missouri Department of Higher Education A+ Scholarship Program webpage. This page will provide the latest reimbursement information, eligibility requirements at the postsecondary level and other relevant  information related to the scholarship component of the A+ program.  Below is a link to their website. 

For upcoming graduates, there are a few things you need to begin working on during the spring semester of your graduation year.   
  • Apply to the college(s) you are considering, if you have not already done so. 
  • Check with your community college or vocational/technical school to see what materials are required to confirm your A+ eligibility.  
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Ask your school registrar (Guidance office secretary) to send your high school transcript to the college(s) or school(s) of your choice with the A+ eligibility stamped on it.  Note: Moberly High School cannot send official transcripts with the A+ stamp until all grades are finalized.   

If you have additional questions, please email Dan Kruse, Moberly High School A+ Coordinator, at dankruse@moberlyspartans.org or call 660-269-2663.  Thank you.  

Moberly Assessment,
Apr 1, 2015, 7:10 AM