I N T R O D U C T I O N 
  • This site is intended  as MOBEE in collaborating with QB YOUTH Internship, education and training guidance either for internal or external people under Site Supervisor management of BLUEMOON TECH INC/PT MOBEE INDONESIA in collaborating with PT QB YOUTH
  • BLUEMOON TECH INC / PT MOBEE INDONESIA - PT QB YOUTH (abbreviated as PT Mobee) if needed will issue a formal statement regarding the internship to the origin institution where the student / employee originated from.


What is the Nature of MT Mobee – PT BlueMoon Tech (holding company) business ?

  • PT Mobee is a start up company in mobile content compression research technology, carrying out rich content delivery to create smart mobile portal. Founded at the beginning of 2006 in Jakarta, Indonesia, currently employing 30 bright young knowledge workers,mainly dedicated in developing new technologies for business and media companies in the mobile market through the medium of ODP (On-Device Portal) publishing technology. Today, PT Mobee has a successful unique leading edge technology for mobile enabling business and multimedia content, easy to use and cost effective.
  • Our products covering three aspects beginning from Invention, Innovation and Creativity respectively. Take a look at the Link  http://mobeeknowledge.ning.com/forum/topics/invention-innovation  - INVENTION – INNOVATION – CREATIVITY IN MOBEE KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT WAY : ALL ABOUT INNOVATION (PART THREE), where MOBEE MICROSERVER™ and MOBEE MICROPAGE™ representing Invention, E-PAPER DEVICE representing Innovation, and  i-VOYAGER TABLOID : “THE FIRST INTERACTIVE TABLOID™ ON EARTH representing Creativity aspect as well
  • PT Mobee with BlueMoon Tech Inc as the holding company  characterized as a hi-tech R&D and innovative company. Instead of completing their 3 years ahead business program of next generation of media platform and infrastructure services including : Mobile Rich Content Delivery Technology, Audio and Video on demand, Low Cost Electronic Digital Paper for reading device & external promotional signboard, and Large scale user data & behavior intelligent profiling, we also develop worldwide technology commercialization as well as technology leveraging (see Link http://mobeeknowledge.ning.com/forum/topics/overview-of-mobee-bluemoon - OVERVIEW OF MOBEE – BLUEMOON TECHNOLOGY EMERGING MARKET )
  • What is QB Youth ? : QB Youth is a Mobee ODP Tech -driven enterprise, join collaboration between Mobee Indonesia and QB Headline company to promote mobile cellular network dealing with the activities among youth. QB Youth is supposed to be at the third circle (a.k.a. of Creativity circle) of Mobee Indonesia dynamic mechanism. The first circle is Invention, the second is Innovation circle (see also Link http://mobeeknowledge.ning.com/forum/topics/invention-innovation - INVENTION – INNOVATION – CREATIVITY IN MOBEE KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT WAY : ALL ABOUT INNOVATION (PART THREE)
  • Since August 2008, PT Mobee beside doing education and training for the employee, also begin to receiving trainee from the outside to perform the internship at the company. It is based on the judgment that company should develop their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) model . 
  • The curriculum content being developed derived from our 4 cluster products : emerging Technologies, emerging Market, emerging People, and Knowledge Management (KM) as the "cutting-theme". Every participant should develop his/her interest as his/her educational objectives derived from choosing one or more aspects from those our emerging products. It could be done before making decision to join the intership by learning some aspects of our explicit knowledge through signing up as the member of our Social Networking Site (SNS) "MOBEE KNOWLEDGE COP" at http://mobeeknowledge.ning.com/
  • After making decision to join MOBEE Internship program, the applicant could register by filling the INTERNSHIP APPROVAL FORM (see : the attachment in folder ACADEMIC ADMINISTRATION FILE) and then send it by e-mail to Site Supervisor (Dr Md Santo : moesds@yahoo.com ).