New Aquarium Checklist

Sometimes it helps to have a list when beginning a new project. The below list is designed to help new aquarists ensure that they have all the equipment that they need.

Necessary Equipment

    1. Aquarium tank.
    2. Aquarium stand or other suitable support that can withstand the pressure of 15 pounds per gallon.
    3. Filtration system that meets or exceeds the stocking expectations of the aquarium.
    4. A heater and thermometer if the proposed fish require a temperature above the room temperature of your home. Heaters should provide 3-5 watts per gallon of aquarium capacity to keep them from being overworked.
    5. Sponge or scratcher pad to clean algae off the aquarium glass. Sponge should not have had contact with cleaning chemicals prior to use in the aquarium.
    6. Five-gallon bucket never used for carrying chemicals that is suitable to change aquarium water with.
    7. Aquarium gravel siphon to use during water changes.
    8. Enough decorations approved for aquarium use to allow fish to hide should they be frightened.
    9. At least two different types of fish food so that your fish have a varied diet.

Additional Equipment

    1. Hood or light fixture to illuminate the aquarium.
    2. Aquarium gravel or other suitable substrate (usually 1-2 ponds per gallon).
    3. Extra decorations.
    4. An aerator, air line, air line valves, air line connectors, and air stones to power decorations or provide extra aeration.
    5. Supplementary filtration, circulation pumps, or residual flow devices.
    6. Spare heater should the primary one fail.
    7. More five-gallon buckets.
    8. Any mixes or contrivance used to alter the chemical properties of the water.