FishsheetA7 Production Run, Version 2

FishsheetA7.Version2 is the newest file to be added to the Fishsheet collection. It represents the corrections made to its prototype that was put out a couple months ago. FishsheetA7V2 has a new filtration field that is more accurate and it is the first Fishsheet to allow filters to be "connected" to each other. For example, FishsheetA7V2 can interpret the significance of connecting a canister filter to an undergravel filter. Such a combination would not have been accurately assessed by earlier Fishsheets. Also, FishsheetA7V2 has click-to-follow menus on most of its pages, reducing the strain on the user. Another new feature is that I decided to protect this version of the Fishsheet such that computations could not be altered by the user; the user can only edit those fields he/she was intended to edit. The last significant change that I will mention is that FishsheetA7V2 is a little more lenient with regard to the space/territory requirements of cichlid species. Like the previous Fishsheets, FishsheetA7V2 has over 240 standard species, can handle up to 40 user-defined species, and can prevent unsuitable fish from appearing before the user.
Unfortunately, I was not able to give FishsheetA7V2 full functionality with regard to compatibility-checking. The reason for this is that such a venture requires some 50,000+ data entries, which I just do not have the time for. I do want to finish the compatibility function, but it will have to be at a later time. For now, FishsheetA7V2 is ready for action. Also, FishsheetA7V2 should be compatible with older versions of Excel (unlike the first production version).
Last, but not least, a separate compatibility sheet has been constructed to augment the Fishsheets. It is new, probably still has some bugs, but it is ready to be tested and used. Click here to download compatibility spreadsheet.