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Dear Aquarist,
I am MOA (Math-Only Aquarium), and this is my freshwater stocking calculator website. I made this website to augment my stocking spreadsheets and to make my research and methods available for everyone to see. Using the Within-Site Navigation below, you can check out my stocking calculators and see how your aquarium stands up to various standards of cleanliness/appropriateness. Additionally, you can investigate several factors that affect your aquarium's stocking capacity by reading the articles in the Fishsheet-Related section. If you are a new aquarist, then you may want to check out the articles in the For New Aquarists section. Once you have read (or heard, if you use the video tutorials) what I have to say about keeping fish, you may want to use the External Links to see what other aquarists have to say about stocking aquariums.
Furthermore, I try to keep all of my research above-board and fair. Consequently, I do not mind answering questions about my work or correcting errors that may be found. If you spot a problem either within one of the pages of this website or in one of my spreadsheets, please, please, please let me know so that I can fix the problem ( To the best of my knowledge, the information contained within this website is accurate and represents conditions that will prove safe for use in freshwater aquarium husbandry. By emphasizing the word "safe" I mean that I do not deal in what might possibly work, only what has been shown to result in fairly ideal consequences for the fish. Consequently, this website will disappoint persons trying to push limits or break records.
Thank You for Your Time,
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