Simpler Shipping.

The shipping industry and the tanker industry in particular, have become more complex over the last decade.  Follow the links below for more.

Development of todays tanker industry

Tankers in the 21st Century

While much of this growth in complexity took place in a high earnings market where resources were plentiful to deal with it, the current low earnings environment means that complexity incurs costs that owners can ill afford.  The very complexity of the organisation means that taking action to reduce costs may have unexpected consequences risks such as reduced reliability, lost revenue from inspection failures and reduced services to customers as well as increased breakdowns and higher costs from inefficiency. To not address the issues will result in an increasing unreliable and inefficient organisation with top executives focussed on fire fighting and not the long term good of the organisation.  Follow the link below for more

Surviving the Slump


Simplifying takes two forms:-

    How to succeed in the current market

1.       Simplifying the structures processes and organisations in the industry that create the complexity.  This is obviously beyond the scope of the individual company or consultant but the debate has started at IMO.   It will be some years before results are seen

2.       How the shipowner/manager deals with the complexity.  While the root causes are to a great degree outside their control the way the shipowner/manager deals with the complexity and attempts to create a simpler operation within their organisation is within their control.

What are the features of a complex organisation?

  1. Periods of steady running followed by sudden unanticipated  mishaps/disasters
  2. High executive workload on management (rather than leadership) issues.  Large numbers of meetings on process issues and failures.
  3. High and growing cost from countering complexity (pedalling faster)
  4. Difficult to predict what will happen when changes are made
  5. Disconnection between ship and office
  6. Reduced ship performance as goals etc become confused and staff focus on just following the rules rather than using their experience and knowledge
  7. Difficult to analyse problems because there are too many ‘pieces’ of the problem that may conflict
  8. Difficult to draw the correct conclusions from investigations and find solutions

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The totally simple organisation is a dream which is unlikely to be realised without changes to the industry.  An organisation which creates more simplicity in the front line is attainable and is what MOAMS can do to help your organisation.

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