What MOAMS offers..

MOAMS can offer three different types of consulting service:-

  1. Marine industry knowledge based
  2. Specific management projects
  3. Operational Reviews

Marine Industry knowledge based

37 years of experience in energy shipping on the operations, commercial,management and assurance side means that MOAMS can provide advice to shipping companies, oil companies with marine interests, investors.

Specific Management Projects

MOAMS can also carry out specific projects and tasks related to the shipping industry and in particular energy shipping such as:-

1.       Project Management

2.       Change Management

3.       Interim Manager either to bridge a key position or to manage a project


Operational Review of Shipping Companies and Marine Organisations

A shipping company is the product of its history.

 Yesterday’s decisions drive today’s business, performance and operations. 

Shipping companies are unique in their ability to adapt to new circumstances.  Market cycles are not new. Evolution takes time though and an independent view of your organisation will speed up the process.  Companies that were designed for, or evolved, during the boom years in the early part of the century will best suit the needs of that time.  That  structure may not be appropriate for today’s challenges and may be harming your organisation and indeed threatening its survival.

MOAMS is uniquely placed to give an independent view of your organisation by it’s:-

·         Wide experience of energy shipping from an operational, assurance and vetting point of view

·         Management skills built up over 20 years of management experience.

·         Experience of leading large organisations and setting up robust process and systems

·         Business school education

·         Continuing research and development of new ideas in shipping.

MOAMS aims to tailor its consultancy to the customers’ needs.   The operations review is conducted in three phases and the customer can choose how far he wants this to go.  The aim is to provide fixed cost (+expenses) offers in the first two phases and an agreed fixed cost or per day cost in the third.  This offer predictability to the customer.

This flexibility allows the customer to decide whether he wants:-

1.       An independent view of the organisation to inform the executives own thoughts on reorganisation

2.       In addition to the above , options for improvement of the organisation

3.       In addition to the above, a fully risked implementation plan for the organisation to implement.

Further assistance with implementation can be provided should the customer wish it.

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The review includes:-

·         Interviews with the owners/executive management of the organisation to determine its strategy and objectives

·         Interviews with shore staff

·         Review of processes, procedures and systems

·         Identification of major risks to the organisation

·         Ship visits to carry out interviews with sea staff and to review on board practice