Knowledge and Research

Knowledge and research are a major part of MOAMS.  Continuing research ensures that MOAMS is offering 'future proofed' solutions and not  solutions that will quickly become stale.  The following pages include some topics for discussion and some areas MOAMS is actively researching.  For papers related to headline topics they can be found under the relevant subject home page.

In addition to the on line content MOAMS has produced a booklet on complexity.  This can be downloaded from the link below

In writing these pages I have drawn on some excellent books and I refer you to them:-
The Human Contribution by James Reason
Managing the risk of organisational accidents by James Reason (protection versus production figure adapted from this)
Resilience Engineering in Practice by Erik Hollnagel etal ( resilient tanker company figure adapted from the  'cornerstones of resilience' included in this book)
Drift into Failure by Sidney Dekker
The Perfect Swarm by Len Fisher (on complexity)
The Future of Decision Making by Roger Schank, Dimitris Lyras, Elliot Soloway
The Art of Action by Stephen Bungay
These pages have been prepared for information and to prompt debate.  They do not represen fully formed operational concepts and processes and should not be used operationally
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