Want to make a voluntary contribution to support a city service?

During the Community Budget Dialogues we heard from citizens who want to pay more to maintain certain city services. This webpage provides citizens a means to contribute additional amounts above their property taxes to services they feel are most worthwhile.

  • Library
  • Anchorage Parks & Recreation
  • Eagle River-Chugiak Parks & Recreation
  • Pools
  • Flowers
  • Public Transportation
  • Police
  • Anchorage Fire Service
  • Girdwood Volunteer Fire Service
  • Chugiak Volunteer Fire Service
  • Public Health
  • Social Services
  • Homelessness
  • Road Maintenance
  • Animal Control
  • Anchorage School District (ASD)

Donation for:

Please specify from the bulleted list
who will receive your donation

To donate by credit/debit card or electronic check click here to donate through paypal

To donate by mail or in-person click here to download donation form.