Weekly Questions

Unit 1 Reading Questions: 
Since this is the first week for reading questions, let’s talk about what we expect. You need to write in complete sentences, using proper punctuation, capitalization, spelling, etc. So for your first question below, you’re not going to write “don’t sit in the back” as an answer. That doesn’t answer the question! You might write, “One strength that I have as a student is that I always sit in the front of the classroom. I believe this makes me pay closer attention and I’m less tempted to laugh and joke with my friends when the teacher is presenting her lesson.” (Then of course, you’d also write about a weakness that you have.) Read your sentence out loud to see if it makes sense, and read the questions again to make sure that you answer all the questions included.

The video reflections should be well written in paragraph form and clearly demonstrate that you watched the entire video. If a video will not play on your computer, you may have to watch it outside of school on a separate device. Each video reflection should cover all videos introduced. The reflections should demonstrate what you learned from the video, any confusing concepts, and/or thoughts/reactions excluding “I really enjoyed this video/liked this video/didn’t like this video.” Don’t just tell us your thoughts without explanation or cause. 

Since we are a Google domain school, our expectation is that you will turn these questions in via your Google collection folder you created for the class. You may do this in one of two ways. You can create one document for this week that lists the reading questions and the video reflections. The other option involves creating two separate documents (one labeled reading questions the other video reflections). You can choose the option which works best for you. 

1. Of the ten guidelines for successful students, which one is your strength? Which one is your weakness?  Describe in a few sentences how you can improve on both.
2. The list of guidelines for successful students is written obviously for college students. Is there anything here that you believe completely doesn’t pertain to high school students? Why or why not?
3. Give an example of a time when you took personal responsibility.
4. How has your understanding of a PLN changed?
5. What do you envision your PLN to look like?
6. How was your understanding of blogging changed by the article from the Atlantic (here)?

Unit 2 Reading Questions:

1. Productivity tools like Workflowy, Evernote, and Wallwisher are nothing new. Microsoft’s One Note is part of the Office suite of tools that basically does the same thing, but has been around since 2003. What did it take five years for the idea of cloud-based note-taking to take off?

2. Read this article about how Skype is reshaping the world. Discuss one positive and one negative to this new communication tool. Have you used video chat in your personal life?

3. Read this list of “Top 10 Netiquette Guidelines.” Is there one rule that irritates you the most when not followed? Are there any rules that should have been included that weren’t?

4. After playing this Netiquette game online, write your own scenario question from a real-life experience you’ve had. Make sure to change names!

5. From the webpage, “Choose the best search engine for your information need,” which three search engines did you find most useful? Were there any search engines that didn’t work at all for you? Why do you think that was the case? (If you aren’t finding any useful, make sure to check out sweetsearch.com.)

6. Think of the project that you have in mind. What sort of Creative Commons license will you include with it, if any? Why?

7. From the article, “Wikipedia: Academic Use,” which bullet point is the one you most need to remember? Why is this a sticking point for you?

Don’t forget to do your video reflection as well for the week!