7th Grade TAG

Welcome to MNW and the TAG Program!!

In this course we will be meeting on Day 1 during 1st period. I also have free time to meet with you on Day 1 during 6th period. Please utilitze this 6th period time if it is needed, but my one request is that you notify me prior to showing up in my room. 

This year we are going to jump into incorporating the idea of a digital citizenship into the avenues which we pursue with your TAG education. I fully believe that an individual's education can be greater when technology is infused into his or her learning. We are going to as well follow the NAGC gifted standards to guide our curriculum. However, this does not mean that if you have a topic which interests you which is not being covered cannot be brought into the classroom. Please approach me or email me with interests which you have.

As part of the TAG program, I am still going to offer opportunities to compete in the following extracurricular activities Invent Iowa, National History Day, Odyssey of the Mind, and the Iowa State Science Fair. In the past, National History Day has be required for TAG students in 8th grade. There will be a change to this you now have an option in participating in any of the four programs listed above. If you choose to participate in more than one activity, please keep in mind the extra time which is needed to dedicate yourself fully to a project. Team and group projects will be available as well if interests exist in the same areas. All students will be required to participate in a minimum of one activity. What each activity will entail will be discussed at the beginning of the school year!

Part of this course is going to involve using the Wikispace I have created specifically for thee 7th grade TAG program. The wikispace will be used to facilitate the online discussion. You will be added as a member to the wikispace with rights to create and post new discussion threads and topics. Please utilize this right as a member with the utmost responsibility. You will have rights to make changes to the pages, but if any of the changes are unauthorized. I reserve the right to remove your membership and if needed your right to other class materials may be revoked.

I have the following expectations for posting to the discussion topics on the wiki.
1. Each post must be up by Friday at the end of the SCHOOL DAY.
2. You must respond to at least one of your classmate's posts with a respectful comment or question.
3. Anonymity must be used to respect those who may not want to be named or know they are being named. 
4. Every post must respect the rules set in the school building and district. 
5. If a student is abusing these rules, he or she will receive one warning before being removed from the wiki.
6. The wikispace is to be used for class purposes only. This means any changes you make may affect what other class members may view on the wiki and may not be appropriate.
7. The wikispace is to be a place free of criticism and negative opinions. We will all respect those views which are different from ours.