Welcome to the Marple Newtown High School Writing Center!

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*Writing Centers and tutors are usually found in colleges/universities, but not many high schools offer one. MNHS is one of those rare high schools to offer such a service!*

Mission statement: We believe all students can write and have the potential to use this life-long skill. All MNHS students are welcome and encouraged to receive advice for any writing assignment they may have.

WHO: The Writing Center has two friendly, highly trained staff tutors on standby:
            * Mrs. Sharon Dunoff (sdunoff@mnsd.org)
            * Mr. David Serpentine (dserpentine@mnsd.org)

WHAT: The Writing Center is a safe place where students, grades 9-12, can develop strategies in order to improve fundamental elements of their writing in ALL subjects. The Writing Center also acts as a liaison with the teachers by providing support in the classroom and delivering presentations, such as avoiding plagiarism and creating a proper works cited page.

WHERE: Our office is located in the front of the MNHS Library. 

WHEN: The Writing Center is typically open every school day (Monday-Friday). If we are closed, students are encouraged to e-mail us or "share" their work via Google Docs. Or they can leave their essay with the school librarian. We check our e-mails often; therefore, students should receive a speedy reply.

HOW: Students may walk-in at any time that we are open for a tutoring session. Students are welcome to make an appointmentespecially for before/after school visits. Students can also visit us during their study hall or lunch time.

The Writing Center provides feedback on the following types of writing, but not limited to:

*Research papers
*College essays/Common application essays
*Developing a thesis statement
*Grammar, punctuation, and style
*Revising and editing
*And more!!!


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