Yucatan Safari Road Rally

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Sample Road book in files area Yucatan 13 Section 1 pdf

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200 mile day/night TSD road rally. Mostly unpaved roads in Winona, Fillmore and Houston counties. All instructions are Tulips with mileage. This year we are using Tulip instructions created by the Tulip editor for iPad from longhaul software.
All contestants are required to have a safety triangle and a tow rope.

Entry Fee: $45 for SCCA members $50 for non members
Start: Plaza Inn, Winona, MN
Registration: 10:11:30
First Car Out: 12:01
Finish: 8-9PM

Online registration at MSR

Contact: clarence.westberg@gmail.com or 952-381-2759

ASCC (not updated to 2012 as of 11/09)
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