Browns Valley Man

    In 1933, while laying gravel for his driveway, W. H. Jenson discovered bone fragments and a stone tool, prompting him to investigate further.  After several hours of sifting through the gravel he found more bone fragments belonging to a man dated roughly 9,000 years old, a date confirmed by the lithic flaked tools discovered at the site.  The Browns Valley Man was a Paleo-Indian, the first people to arrive in the Americas from Asia (though debate on their exact routes and dates is ongoing).  During that same time it is believed that Browns Valley was a Paleo-Indian burial site, one of few in the country and the only one in Minnesota.  During the time in which the Browns Valley Man lived, the world's climate was stabilizing from the Ice Age.  Because of this, humans were able to lead a more sedentary lifestyle, leading to a rise in population and technological advancements.

MN 28/MN 7, Folsom, MN 56219