Old Appleton City Hall

Image Credit: Jake DeGroot

    The Appleton City Hall served as the center of government as well as a community center for the city of Appleton from 1895 until 1976.  In addition to the typical fire hall, jail and administrative offices, the second floor of the building is an auditorium with a domed ceiling and a hand-painted stage used as an opera house.
    In 1980 Pioneer Public Television was given the chance to lease the building for one dollar with the option to purchase it later.  The second story is primarily used as a recording studio for a variety of programs.

Address: 120 W. Schlieman Ave., Appleton, MN, 56208
Phone: 800-726-3178
Email: yourtv@pioneer.org

Pioneer Public Television Website

Image: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:AppletonCityHall.JPG