Arlington Historical Society

(The Old City Fire Hall)

    The Arlington Historical Society was developed in 1999 as a part of the city of a five-year plan for the city of Arlington because of citizens' desire to preserve their city's history. Its goals are to collect and preserve artifacts, records and other information concerning the city's history. It also strives to restore local historic monuments and buildings and other items to their original appearances, and records of these restoration projects, once completed, become a part of the society's collection which is available to the public.

    The society is currently in the process of changing locations to the old city fire hall where there will be room to properly display its collections of artifacts and its small library of records and family histories (these are currently unavailable during the transition between locations because of a lack of space). At this time the society will also be gaining its own website. The move will be complete spring of 2014 or summer 2015.

Address: 204 Shamrock Drive, Arlington, MN 55307
Phone: 507-964-5878
Email: (Dwight Grabitske - Secretary)

No regular operation hours available until location change has been made.