Renville City Jail

City Jail (1914) - Renville, MN - September 9th, 2011
    The history of the original jail and this jail are unclear and to a "history nut" is quite the puzzle. What is known for sure is that plans to build "a jail" in the city were being proposed from 1901 to 1913. The date of completion for the jail is even mysterious as the only information to go off of is the payments to the jails  architect Oscar Berg who was paid in one installment of $1000 on September 8, 1913 and another installment of $275 on January 12, 1914. This amount totals to the agreement between Oscar and the city council of $1275 suggesting the latter date as that of completion.

Site Address: 100-198 Bryant Ave. N.W., Renville, MN 56284
Mailing Address: 211 North Main, Box 681, Renville, MN 56284
Phone: 320-329-8210, Mildred Zaske

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