Birch Coulee Battlefield
    The battle at Birch Coulee was one of the hardest fought of the Dakota war of 1862.  It began on September 1st with a detail under the command of Maj. Joseph R. Brown being dispatched to the area to bury settlers killed in the early days of the war.  After setting up camp for the night the site was surrounded by the Dakota, who attacked at sunrise.  The siege that followed lasted nearly 36 hours and ended on September 3rd when US reinforcements arrived.  Of Brown's initial force of 170 there were 13 deaths, 47 wounded, as well as 90 dead horses.  Of the 200 Dakota there were only two casualties.
The battlefield remains open for self-guided tours
with guideposts to mark important locations.

County Road 2, Morton, MN 56270


Dawn-Dusk from May to October

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