Alexander Ramsey Park

    Alexander Ramsey Park spans 217 acres, making it the largest municipal park in the area.  Founded in 1911, it was originally a state park, but in 1957 the State of Minnesota sold it to the City of Redwood Falls for just $1.00.  During the 1930s the park, like virtually every state park, was worked on by the Work Progress Administration (W.P.A.) and the Civilian Conservation Corps (C.C.C.).  Many of the park's current structures were made during this time, including the Lower Shelter and the Swayback Bridge, out of locally mined granite.
    The park is named after Alexander Ramsey, a fixture of early Minnesota politics.  In 1849, when Minnesota was established as a territory he served as territorial governor as a Whig, and from 1860-1863 he served as the second governor of the State of Minnesota after Henry Sibley.  The reason his term does not run for the full four years is because he resigned his post in 1863 to become a Senator, this time as a member of the newly formed Republican Party.  He also served as the Secretary of War for President Rutherford B. Hayes from 1879 to 1881.

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