Hill Farm Historical Society

      The Hill Farm Historical Society is located on five acres of land that were once apart of the 3,300 acre farm owned by railroad industrialist James J Hill in 1883.  The buildings included in the society's preservation of the farm include the dairy, black smith shop and old granary.  Guided tours of these buildings are available to the public but visitors are also able to pick up brochures and tour the buildings for themselves. The society also hosts various community events throughout the year such as its annual spring dinner, guest speakers and the ice cream social.  

Address: 35 Hill Farm Circle, North Oaks, MN 55127
Phone: 651-484-5414

Guided Tours available by appointment
Self guided tour brochures are available to the public on the door of the Dairy. 

Hill Farm Historical Society Website

Photo: http://www.hillfarmhistoricalsociety.com/